what is classified advertisement and Where to Post

25 June 2019

Definition of a classified website can be found on Wikipedia page but you can also know here as well, because the classified advertising is a form of advertising that was actually available in newspaper only but it now converted to digital form. The only different between the newspaper and classified ads is that it provides free classifieds ads to everyone but newspaper cannot provide because those are only paid classified ads.

In the world of competition keeping each ad in front of everyone is little difficult so premium ads have been made to keep those ads in front of everyone who are willing to keep their ads. The promotion through premium ads is much better comparing to free ads because you can always post free ads but posting premium ads charges so you might think about it couple of times before upgrading your free ads to premium.

In term of posting free ads its quite easy for every person because most of the classified websites are now available to post ads without even registration but most of them requires registration which is not a very long process. These days registering your account is beneficial because you get updates of those ads which might be expiring or might be about to expire in some days. Each website allows you to post ads with an ad posting form where you can fill the details and upload images and boom your ad is live.

Only few classified websites show instant approval because most of them often require users to verify their ads before they even published and shown to the world. This is a quite good process for website owners but from the user’s perspective it’s quite lengthy. Well, if we talk about how you can find a post ad button, on most classified websites its often phrased with either post free ad or publish classified ads or so on. These days classified advertising is the most trustworthy in the free form of advertising. But still there are plenty of other types of advertising networks and advertising opportunities available except classifieds and ppc.

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